4 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Web Design

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Stock xchng leovdwarp

There are businesses that have maintained a website for almost a decade. They post on a blog, include videos and update their content constantly. Other enterprises recently got online because they realized they needed a web presence for credibility. Now that everyone has some type of website, it’s not enough. As technology evolves, so does the way we appeal to customers. A traditional website is difficult to view and navigate on a mobile device such as an iPod or Android smart phone. Now business need a a new approach to attract more customers. Consider 4 reasons why you need a mobile web design for your company.

People Use Mobile Devices Constantly

While many people still access the Internet on a desktop or laptop computer, there is a whole new generation of surfers. They go online using their mini tablets, iPods and smart phones. They want to visit websites that are visually appealing and simple to navigate. Savvy businesses are developing mobile websites to attract these Internet surfers. There are people who access the Internet solely through these smaller mobile devices. You don’t want to overlook countless customers. It is time to develop a mobile website for your business. People with mobile devices will choose your site over ones that are not customized for mobile use.

Harness the Power of Local Searches

Many people want instant gratification and turn to their mobile devices to get it. For example, a potential customer might want to find a restaurant in the vicinity. If your site is mobile-friendly, they can access information right away. You want to harness the powers of local searches to get customers on-the-spot. Your mobile site can have click to call features and email features for customers to get in touch. Include a mobile map so they can find you. You can even include restaurant menu and mobile ecommerce features for Google Checkout and Paypal.

Keep the Same Website

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get a mobile website. You can keep the same site you have right now. It is just a way to develop an alternative online presence for mobile users. The same website and content will be delivered to mobile devices such as Windows Phones, Android, iPhone and Blackberry users. Include customer contact forms so visitors can get in touch with questions or orders. Make it easy for people to reach your business to find out more.

Show Your Business is Cutting Edge

Having a mobile website shows your business is cutting edge and willing to adapt to changing times. Some companies are stuck in the past. Prove you are progressive and willing to deliver what modern customers want. Make your mobile website engaging and accessible. Include eye-catching features such as a photo gallery and slideshows. Have a full service website design company take care of all the details to ensure your website is engaging. Your current customers will appreciate the convenience and prospective clients will get a positive image of your company. Be a winner by staying on top of technology.

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